Teens: Why Do People Gossip?

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It is always fun to get together with friends, but crossing the line to gossiping can be dangerous. Read on to learn more – Sandra

“My best friend loves to gossip about other people, and I am afraid that she is gossiping about me. What should I do?”


  • Your friend could be feeling envious or jealous of someone, and is trying to feel better about herself by saying negative things about someone.
  • Your friend may be trying to feel more popular, and is using gossip to gather other people around her.
  • Your friend may be angry with someone, but instead of handling her hurt feelings directly with that person, she is venting her upset feelings publicly.
  • She may see some behavior in that other person that she thinks is wrong and is trying to make that person change by letting everyone know what they have done.

Since she is your best friend, your opinion is probably very important to her. Have you considered sharing with her your feelings and concerns about gossiping in general and creating a discussion?

If it seems like she is open to the discussion, you could even go so far as to express your fear that she may talk about you to others. You can then invite her to tell you directly about anything she thinks is getting in the way of your friendship and promise to do the same for her.

She is doing what she is doing for a reason. However, she may not understand why she is doing it and your conversation could be a safe place where she can explore her feelings. Together, you could discover better options for handling these situations besides gossiping.


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