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Learning to love themselves is one of the most important lessons in a teen’s life. – Sandra

It is not uncommon to experience a challenging adolescence. However, your teen need not shut themselves off from the world because of this. Through acknowledging their feelings of loss and disappointment, they can begin to move beyond them. It is essential for teenagers to understand how they have grown from their experiences.

Your teen also needs to know that everyone on this earth has a unique journey and expression, with different gifts and opportunities. When a teen compares themselves to others, it can negatively affect their self-esteem and confidence, making them feel envious, jealous, and even depressed. Striving to become one’s personal best is a much healthier option.

Is it time for your teen to stop focusing on the person they wish they were — and learn to acknowledge and love the person they actually are? It is essential for your teen to make the connection that they are not their actions, appearance, or worldly possessions, but rather someone who continuously strives to reach their goals, working hard when necessary, with the determination to keep going.

A mature young person will ultimately be able to make heartfelt connections, know when to say no, reach out for assistance, reflect on their feelings, forgive themselves and others, and design a life that fits their unique expression.

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