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  • Are you a parent worried about your teenager?
  • Do you struggle to communicate with your adolescent? 
  • Is your teen stressed out or anxious about school or friends?

As an experienced Teen Therapist, I help parents understand the issues teens face today, improve their relationship with their child and respond effectively to family challenges. I can teach you proven techniques for setting healthy limits and re-connecting with your teenager.

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My specialty is supporting teens and their parents during the challenges of adolescence. Whether you’re a parent whose relationship with your teen isn’t what it used to be or a teenager whose parents don’t seem to get you, a compassionate therapist can bridge the gap.

I will help you and your teen: 

  • Build better communication within your family
  • Create a more peaceful home environment
  • Resolve issues from the past for a fresh start
  • Understand and address your teen’s challenges

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 Take a critical first step toward resolving the issues that make your home life difficult by giving me the opportunity to demonstrate the support I can offer you and your family.

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A Word From Sandra

“Adolescence is a pivotal stage in our development as human beings. In the teen years, we solidify our sense of self and negotiate the winding path to becoming young adults. During this time, it is vital that parents understand their teen’s behavior rather than merely react to it.” —Sandra Dupont, MA, MS, MFT