Professional Reviews of Sandra Dupont MFT

LA Teen Therapist–Sandra Dupont MA, MS, MFT

Sandra Dupont is an empathic and extremely effective teen therapist. We have worked together many times and I have seen the improvements she has made in teens’ lives first hand. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” –  Jared Maloff

Jared Maloff Psy.D., Private Practice, Beverly Hills 

Sandra Dupont is an exceptional therapist. We have collaborated together helping parents become more effective in raising their children. Clients respond very favorably to her and adolescents especially are drawn to her — no easy task for a counselor. Clients rave about her and she has been a pleasure to work with professionally. Ms. Dupont is one of the best in town! I would send my own daughter to her.” – David Kuroda
Owner, David Kuroda Mediation – Counseling

Sandra Dupont has found a way to translate the wisdom that comes with age into a language that adolescents can relate to. She understands teenagers on a deeply emotional level and has a completely unique way of relating to them. For parents who are looking to re-connect with their teen, and help them on the path of becoming independent members of society, I recommend that you consult with Sandra.” – Danny Kopels
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Danny Kopels, CADC II, LAADAC, Mediator

“As a parent, it is not easy to find the right counselor for your teenager. I believe that Sandra Dupont IS that right counselor. She is wise, compassionate and truly someone who makes a difference. If you are looking for someone who will help your teen in a difficult time, please call Sandra Dupont. Spend just a few minutes talking to her, and I predict she will be someone your family remembers fondly for years as “the one who helped.”- Casey Truffo
Founder & CEO, Therapist Leadership Institute  

Sandra Dupont is a caring, sensitive, and responsible Teen Therapist. Her frame work with cultural diversity and divorcing parents has been very helpful to those that I have referred to her.”  – Daniel Sadigh
Founder, Wheel of Wellbeing 

Sandra Dupont’s commitment to guiding and mentoring teens through their difficult periods is done with grace and elegance. She has helped many teens navigate a world that, for them, is often difficult. Bullying, sex, parents are some of the minor items. Often these issues are made more challenging by the teen’s own self-concept. It is here, helping teens understand who they are as a valuable individual, that Sandra’s work shines.”  – Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.
President, Insight University

Sandra Dupont was one of the top facilitators in the Students for a Better Tomorow (SBT) program. She demonstrated an extraordinary ability to listen with a masterful empathic quality so the individual felt validated without having to agree with their perception. Repeatedly I witnessed her using these special skills to produce a rare field of safety between she and countless teens and open up new realms of possibilities within them to consider. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Ms. Dupont and for the generous donation of her time to SBT and to the teens that participated in the program. She possesses a joyful spirit, a memorable capacity of compassion, an easy-to-be-around personality, and a relaxed yet approachable sophistication. I’m proud to know her and to call her my friend and colleague in making this a better world for all.” – Lawrence Koh  
President & CEO, International Diversified Products, Inc.