Teens: Entering High School


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The new school year is the perfect time for teens to take inventory and perhaps even re-invent themselves … in anticipation of starting high school in the fall. – Sandra

“I’m starting high school this fall and I’m so scared! Can you give me any tips?”

Going to high school can mean new beginnings. If there was anything challenging for you about middle school, you have a chance to make some changes.

Have you ever noticed that each year when your classmates come back from their summer vacation some of them may look or act differently? Did you know that you can grow through your summer experiences? Think about how have you grown in the last school year. What things might you want to do differently this coming school year?

Do you want to be a better student? Do you want to try a new sport? Would you like to meet some new people? This is an opportunity to set some new goals you would like to accomplish.

Sometimes, your old friends go along with you to your high school. Sometimes, you need or want to make new friends. Think about what you enjoyed about the friends you had last year and try to look for similar qualities in the people at your new high school. But if you experienced a lot of painful drama with your friends last year, you may want to consider choosing some new friends.

If you find that during the first couple weeks you are feeling uncomfortable, ask for support. Express your feelings to your parents. Speak to a teacher you feel you can trust. Talk to a friend. You don’t have to go through this alone. Changes are not always easy. Sharing with someone about what you are going through begins the process of finding solutions to help you feel better.

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