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 A Note From The Los Angeles Teen Therapist

It is rare today when you do not see a teen with their phone in their hand. – Sandra

Immersion in texting and social media seems to be contributing to a major loss of solid communication skills amongst teens; the ability to read body language and hold eye contact, focused listening and the knowledge of how to keep a conversation going.

I often hear teens expressing that texting is much easier for them than speaking in person. Ultimately, your teen’s social skills, and ability to carry on a conversation, have a major impact on the impression your teen makes on their teacher, potential employer and adults in positions of authority.

The teen most likely to stand out from the crowd is the one who can communicate effectively, manage their feelings, and behave in a respectful and mannerly fashion. These are the ones who will make the team, ace the interview, and be invited back as an honored guest by their friend’s parents. This is where I can help.

Although younger aged counselors may have their own Instagram accounts, and only be only a handful of years away from the teen experience themselves, they may also be overly immersed in popular culture. The value of working with an experienced therapist is that I have honed my social skills, developed tried and true emotional coping skills, and have a solid understanding of the character traits necessary to overcome life’s obstacles.

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