Neurofeedback Helping Atypical Teens

Neurofeedback is a non-medical “brain training” that takes advantage of the body’s ability to self-regulate and seek balance. Non-invasive sensors or “electrodes” are placed on specific sites on the head, enabling the brain wave patterns to be picked up by the computer.

High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) is a form of biofeedback that aids the brain to enhance performance and improve flexibility. This FDA approved EEG system first monitors the client’s brainwaves, and then sends a tiny, imperceptible signal to the brain that causes a slight fluctuation in brainwaves. This fluctuation allows the brain to get out of frozen, stuck patterns and reorganize itself. It’s like re-booting a frozen computer. The signal is very small–several thousand times less powerful than an AA battery held against the forehead, and is effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder.

Neurofeedback sessions are generally 20 – 30 minutes. Nearly all teens benefit from some form of talk therapy in addition to neurofeedback, to address various behavioral and emotional concerns directly related to the issues that parents are seeking neurofeedback for.

The average length of treatment is from 10 to 30 weeks, with 15 sessions being average. Most individuals will begin to notice changes after just a few sessions. A teens’s particular response to neurofeedback training cannot be predicted, as progress rarely follows a straightforward path.

Neurofeedback is not a substitute for standard medical treatment. Please be aware that neurofeedback can change the dosage requirements for some medications, therefore, it is important that the physician monitoring your child’s medication be made aware of any signs of overmedication.

The HPN procedure is completely painless. The result of this training is a changed brainwave state and greater ability for the brain to regulate itself for higher, more flexible functioning.

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