Conscious Teen Parenting


A Note From the LA Teen Therapist & Life Coach

The foundation of effective parenting is leading by example. – Sandra

A parent’s interactions with their child literally impact their teen’s brain development, with parenting styles often passed down through generations.

In our society, shaming is considered an accepted parenting tool for controlling kids. Yet, body language, facial expressions, the tone and volume of your voice, threatening violence, withholding affection, rejecting behavior, using demeaning words or physical punishment negatively impact a child’s self-esteem and teaches them how to behave in an aggressive behavior.

When you demonstrate respectful interactions with your teen, they learn to treat themselves and others respectfully. The foundation of any respectful disagreements involves avoiding raising your voice, swearing, name-calling and pointing your finger in the other person’s face.

Conscious parenting involves pausing before reacting to evaluate whether your words or actions will actually help the situation. Your child will learn the lesson you are attempting to teach them if you avoid demeaning them in the process.

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