How TV Shows Affect Teen’s Values

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Television shows are informing the behavior of today’s adolescents. What are your kids are watching? . -Sandra

Actors, who are often older than the teens they portray, can give the illusion that actions come without consequences. Not so in real life.

Violence and promiscuous sexual behavior is often portrayed as entertainment. What message is this giving the teen population who is watching?

I can appreciate that in today’s society parents can be pre-occupied. How does this place you in a position of being less aware of the full content being viewed by your teen?

Monitoring your teen’s television and internet viewing can make a huge difference in steering your teen towards a life of respect and responsibility towards others.

Ideally, I believe parents should determine age appropriate shows and set limits on viewing. I would suggest a maximum of two hours a day of combined internet and television time, after homework is completed.

If this feels too constrictive, at least sit down and watch some shows with them. This will provide an opportunity to dialogue about your family values, as well as help your teen digest the information they are being exposed to.

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